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About Us

We spend so much of our lives at home, it’s important that we take care of it! Home Living Tips is a sweepstakes website dedicated to helping homeowners (or future homeowners) make the most out of their space – with the one thing that we know can help – money! We wanted to bring something exciting to the online world for those of us that spend most of our time online and at home. That’s why we’ve brought Home Living Tips to life to help people brighten their home and their lives!

It can get boring being at home all day and we all try to fill that time with something. The chance to win free money sounded like a good way to fill that space to us. Look around your room right now, is there something you want to change? Each day we’ll be finding new $50 Amazon Winners so that our users can make the purchases they need to improve their homes. We even have larger prizes for those of you that are looking to pay rent or even buy a home!

The more bored you get at home, the better! You can always hop on Home Living Tips and submit some entries towards prizes – you have new chances every single day. Tell your friends and family about us, get everyone in on this awesome website!