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Picking the Right Mortgage Lender

When finding a mortgage lender you should be interested in more than a good interest rate, you need to look at the companies and how they will help you in the long run.

To help yourself in the process of finding a mortgage lender you should follow these tips:

The higher your credit score is, the more leverage you’ll have during negotiations. When you are preapproved you will have a higher chance of having your offer accepted as well. Knowing different rates will also help you understand the mortgage landscape.Different lenders will look at your financials in different ways. Some lenders will only consider your debt-to-income ratio while some may look at alternative credit data. Depending on your financials it’s best to go to a lender that will view your statements in a positive light. Searching online for different mortgage lenders can let you know what loan amount you’ll qualify for. For example, Rocket Mortgage has a system in which after entering your financials it will tell you your loan amount within minutes. This is a great way to gauge how much you may get approved for.Your mortgage rate will depend on your down payment and credit score, knowing this will position you to succeed with lenders. The difference between a credit score of 620 and 760 or higher is from 5.022% and 3.433% respectively. The lower your credit score it the larger your down payment will need to be.