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Living Room Design TIps

Living Room Design TIps 

Step 1: Find the functionality

Is your living room is going to be the room where the family watches TV every night? How many people are going to be in there every day? What about on Holidays? Before any purchases are made you need to know exactly what the purpose of your living room is. If there’s a TV in it, you’ll need to center the room around it. You need to know how many seats will be used regularly and have room for guests too.

Step 2: Pick the perfect couch

The critical piece of any living room is the couch. It will distinguish your room’s feel and comfort levels. It will more than likely be where you spend most of your time in the house too. Your couch is a long-term investment and there is more than one reason to splurge on it. Your couch selection should also go with the function of your room whether you want your room to be modernly set around a TV or classic and quieter.

Step 3: Lighting

The room's lighting will also help sculpt it’s aesthetic. If you have built-in overhead lights already you may want to approach a modern living room. Natural light makes a great neutral scene and is much easier to design around than lamps.

Step 4: The Rug

Your rug should compliment your walls and your couch. Using a rug that is larger than the seating space in the living room will make your room look larger too. The texture of the rug should also be in the same style as the couch.

Step 5: The Pillows

The pillows should be one of the last items you buy after the energy of the room has already been set. That doesn’t mean they aren’t just as important! Pillows add personality and you should have fun with them! Make a few trips to the store and try different combinations of throw pillows