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Small Space Living

Living in a small space can either be a nightmare or a blessing. It depends on your outlook and how you utilize the space you have. Maximizing your space and using some tips and tricks to make it even more spacious will help you be happier in your home. 

Light colors and more light in your area will help make it look bigger. Lighter paint colors on your walls have been proven to psychologically ‘open’ the area around you. Dark colors will make you feel constricted so it’s best to opt for a lighter shade. Letting light into your house by not blocking windows will also help your room feel larger.

In your small living space, you’ll also want to take advantage of things that save space. Beds that can store things underneath are great. Lift your bed with a high bed frame for some under the bed storage and purchase a coffee table that includes drawers. Making more space in less space is crucial for small space living. 

The organization is key too. It’s much easier to organize and clean a smaller area of course! You’ll know where everything is at all times, you only need to keep an eye on reducing clutter. Smaller appliances work great with smaller areas. If you have closet doors you should consider removing them. Opening up the closet will give you more space and allow you to keep an eye on your closets organization.

Sometimes less can be more! When you’re living in a small space, you're saving money and you have everything close by. Small spaces can be more comfortable and friendly if done right!